Today, St. Anne’s Feast Day. That day, these readings, two thing unequipped for:

  • Anne – don’t know anything about her
  • Prayer – not good at it
  • Here we go…


St. Anne – only one thing know for sure:

  • Not birthday; born; prayed; name (Anne picked, needed something)
    • 1 thing for sure; Mary (mother of Js) must have had a mom – Anne
    • Think – must have been a pretty good mom, Mary turned out okay
    • Various legends told much later, architectural work in Nazareth…
    • Not bible, historical records: Mary had a mom, worth celebrating
  • Significant – St. Anne had pivotal role in salvation, raising mother of Js
    • Mary came home, crazy story, angel told her going to have a baby…
    • Don’t know how she responded, let Mary visit Elizabeth, marriage w/ Joseph go forward… quiet, faithful support, whatever God was doing
  • Anne pivotal role, know nothing about her – symbol of Christian ministry
    • Any mission, unsung heroes, unrecognized sacrifice
    • work of Christ, this parish, rely on humble service, giving selves, great things:
    • not for recognition, love of each other, mission
  • Anne – humbly doing our part in great things of God.


Prayer: Prayer is hard – ppl come to priest, mention struggles; my own

  • Struggles make time for it; distractions when I do; what to do…
  • Short, great passage St. Paul – Great truth remember—only thing remember!
    • “We don’t know how to pray… Spirit helps us. Prays in us…”
    • For me, not good at prayer, consoling.
    • When I remember, pray, ask Spirit help me, good. Helps.


Share w/ you, how I pray. Not bc/ I’m best. Not good, make it easy.

  • If you pray regularly, works. Great. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Struggle w/ prayer, don’t know. Give this try. Spend some time…


How priest prays:

  1. Take cell phone out of pocket, put it out of reach. Sometimes timer.
    1. Half hour before Mass in morning, look at phone for time, facebook, gone. Phone far away, timer, pray till goes off, bc focus what doing…
  2. Ask God for help. Think of passage by Paul. Pray in me, help me pray well.
  3. Think about breathing.
    1. First sit down, mind full of problems, ideas, running. Quiet.
    2. Quiet self, center on God.
  4. In breath, start to pray. Simple. In Jesus.
    1. Physically taking in oxygen – like, need to live, w/ me unaware.
    2. In Jesus. Be w/ me. Help know w/ me, come to me; place self presence
  5. Breathe out. Breathe out, different things. Things true my life, rel w/ God
    1. Surrender (my life, problems, struggles, everything.
    2. Mercy (God’s for me, me for other); Love; Courage (something hard); Trust
    3. In Js; Out something connects my life to his
  6. In Js; Out love – Suddenly Blue Jays, what make for supper
    1. One: Let them pass by. Don’t get excited, worried – bubbles on river. Sit at river, bubbles go by. There it is, Blue Jays, let it go, Doesn’t matter now.
    2. Two: Sometimes pray about distraction, part of my prayer
      1. Blue Jays, hard to pray about – Batista grumpy
      2. Supper: ppl visit food pantry, extra help; farmers; Malawi
    3. Distractions – either pass by, don’t matter; bring to Lord, content for prayer; back to breath – in Js, out surrender – matters now
    4. That’s it. Make prayer complicated. Not good at it, keep it simple.
      1. Prayer talking to Js; deeper being w/ him; loving, knowing…
      2. Good, love relationship – spouse, family, friend – don’t need lot of words, being together


Please do this; pray daily – as pray, pray for me; for each other, this parish

  • Say this a lot – want those we love to love Js, what we do here matters a lot. We can’t bring ppl to Js, good followers of Js ourselves w/out prayer.
    • So pray, for, each other, parish we love
  • Make this easier, wrote a prayer for you. Take this, pray it faithfully, yourself, as family; ministry group here, pray at meetings.
    • Staff every morning: Let’s lift each other up to Lord.
  • Think of St. Anne Saint: Pray for parish, service not for recognition, love of each other, mission;
    • Humbly doing our part in great things of God
    • Won’t know if you pray – prayer is essential.
  • Pray together now, please keep praying…
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