“Since God created him man and woman, their mutual love becomes an image of the absolute unfailing love with which God loves man.”- CCC 1604

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Marriage is one of the most profound and exciting ways in which people experience the living God in their everyday lives. Through the love spouses show for one another and in the ways they bring this love to the world, in their children and by way of service, marriage becomes a beacon of hope in an often troubled world. It is important that couples do not simply coast into marriage without having the opportunity to discover and to claim for themselves their identity and purpose as husband and wife.

If you are struggling in your marriage or facing divorce, separation, or annulment, please contact us. Saint Anne’s Parish and the Diocese of Saskatoon have people and resources to help you. You don’t need to face this alone.

Please contact the parish for preliminary information about marriage and booking our facilities at least six months in advance.

To book the church or hall for your wedding, please contact:

Erin Hickey,


Marriage Preparation Ministry

St. Anne’s Parish offers a marriage preparation ministry called Witness to Love that offers engaged couples the opportunity to partner and journey with a mentor couple to prepare for a healthy, vibrant, lifelong, Christ-centred marriage. Instead of offering marriage preparation classes on certain evenings or weekends, you and your mentor couple work through the Witness to Love materials with your mentor couple on your own time. It’s like marriage prep, homeschool version! Through journeying with your mentor couple, you will gain a deeper understanding of the sacrament of matrimony, develop tools for a healthy marriage, grow in your faith, and build a trusting relationship with your mentors which may last long beyond the wedding day. Although very flexible and rewarding, Witness to Love is a big commitment, and dedicated couples take at least 3-6 months to work through all the content. 

How much does it cost?

The program costs $150 for the material and for online access to digital content.

How do we begin?

The first step is to find a mentor couple who:

  • Have a marriage and faith you admire
  • Have been Married in the Catholic Church for at least 5 years
  • Are active in parish life
  • Are not immediate family

Once a mentor couple is in place and you are ready to arrange a date for your orientation session, or for marriage preparation and other marriage information and support, please contact:

Daniel Pettipas, Coordinator of Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation
306-931-4700 ext.224

To learn more about Witness to Love, visit

Wedding Planning Resources: