At St. Anne’s we offer 4 levels of faith studies designed by Catholic Christian Outreach to “bring participants to a real and effective encounter with Jesus Christ and to progressively build them into the Missionary Disciples the Church needs them to be.” (CCO) Each of the studies answers a particular need in the spiritual life from asking “Who is Jesus?” to “How can I trust God?”. 

Each session begins with a potluck supper for people to connect as a community and become comfortable with each other before jumping into discussing faith based topics. Small group conversation will last between and hour and an hour and a half depending on the session topic. The small group is the heart of this process and is a safe space for you to share, question, discover, and grow. Your faith is sure to grow here and you will make many new friends! Sign Up Below!

Next Registration Deadline:
12pm Noon, October11th, 2022

DISCOVERY invites participants to encounter Christ through a simple but challenging look at the Gospel message.

GROWTH examines the fundamental practices which nurture our Christian life such as prayer, sacraments and fellowship.

TRUST is all about deepening your trust in God in all aspects of your life, so you can live in greater freedom. Trust is the fourth level in CCO’s faith study series.

SOURCE introduces participants to the Holy Spirit and the impact that the third person of the Trinity can make in the lives of faithful Catholics.

Thursday Evenings 6:30-8:30 p.m.

For questions related to Faith Studies at Saint Anne’s, email Daniel Pettipas or call him at the parish office.

To learn more about the Discovery Faith Study Resources, click here.