Saint Anne’s Youth Ministry aims to promote the spiritual formation of our youth, bringing them to know Christ in a personal way. Our dynamic team of volunteers invests in students in grades 6 to 12, walking with them in their faith journeys.

For more information to get involved in youth ministry at Saint Anne’s, please contact our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Colm Leyne, at

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Here are some things you can get involved with:


Our youth group for students in grades 6-8, Junior Youth, is held bi-weekly at St. Anne’s Catholic Church. Led by a dedicated team of leaders, it is a safe place for kids to meet students from other schools, have fun, and have the opportunity to encounter Jesus. Through activities, talks, discussions, and snacks, we provide environments in which young people can feel comfortable and included while learning about the Catholic faith.

Junior Youth meets every second Tuesday at 7:00-8: 30 pm in the church hall. 2019-2020 dates to come this month!


Our grade 8 sports nights are designed for grade 8 students to come together and build relationships with each other and the leaders.

Grade 8 sports nights are held typically Wednesday evenings at 7:00-8: 30 pm at one of our local elementary schools, details TBA soon!


Our high school sports nights are designed for high school students to come together and build relationships with each other and with the leaders. Held every month from 7:00-8: 30 pm at one of our local schools, the weekday to be announced soon!


Connect groups are opportunities for 6-8 youth to come together weekly to build community and encourage sharing, prayer, learning, and accountability. Connect groups are geared toward students in grades 8-12 and are held at and different locations and different times of the week, depending on the group. We launch new groups as we have the need and pairs of adult mentors trained to lead them.

If you interesting in starting one with some friends, or being an adult mentor – reach out!

E3: Encounter, Equip, Empower is held on the 1st Thursday of the month from 6-9 PM (to be confirmed) at St. Francis Xavier parish for High School students to connect across the city, have some fun, be inspired, challenged, and given real opportunity to encounter the Lord intimately in Adoration. It’s a collaborative event put on by city parishes, the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office, and Face to Face Ministries!


Encounter: We will be collaborating with other parishes to offer the 1st ever city-wide Encounter High School Retreat  October 4-6th held at Blackstrap Youth Camp, facilitated by our leaders and Face to Face Ministries! Details coming soon on how to register.

Junior Youth Retreat: We plan on hosting in tandem with Cathedral of the Holy Family another Junior Youth Retreat in Winter 2020. Stay tuned for details!

SEARCH: Search is a powerful weekend retreat that for many is a first encounter and decision to follow Christ, and for others, a deepening of their resolve to live their faith out boldly! Led by young people guided by adults, for young people. It is a transformational weekend! We’re looking to host it at BJM end of February break in 2020! for details!

And so much more awesome things throughout the parish to attend and get involved in, especially at mass! We hope to see you there!