St. Anne’s offers parents the opportunity to have their children celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. Usually the classes are for children in Grade 2 or 3 and start with Reconciliation in the fall and First Communion in the Spring. The celebrations are usually in December for Reconciliation and around the end of May for First Communion. We take registration in the fall for both sacraments. Information is sent home with the children through the 5 Catholic schools we serve, but that information will also be available here and in the bulletins as well. If you have further questions, you can contact Patti Pasloski at or 306-931-4700 or by dropping in to St. Anne’s. If you are ready to register, please fill out the registration form below.

Cost for Sacramental Preparation at Saint Anne’s parish is $55.00.

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Drawings and artwork created by the First Communion children of their saints.

Sacramental Preparation Registration

  • First Reconciliation and First Communion
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  • Reconciliation Preparation:

  • Times for all lessons:     Saturday: 10:30/Sunday: 12:15 Online: Saturday: 1:00 pm

    Note: Online lessons are tentative and depend on interest shown for these lessons.

  • Reconciliation lessons

    Oct 30 and 31:               Lesson 1: God Chooses Me                                                  Oct 30 (online)

                                            At home Lesson 2: I grow closer to Jesus

    Nov 6 and 7:                   Lesson 3: I learn about the Rules of Love                             Nov 6 (online)

                                            At home Lesson 4: I disobey the Rules sometimes

                                            At home Lesson 5: Being sorry, Asking for Forgiveness

    Nov 27 and 28:               Lesson 6: Let’s Celebrate!                                                     Nov 27 (online)


    Reconciliation Celebration (to be decided)

  • Eucharist Preparation:

  • First Communion lessons


    Feb. 26 and 27:              In church Lesson 1: Everyone arrives for Mass                Feb 26 (online)

                                            At home Lesson 2:     We Listen to the Readings

    March 12 and 13:          In church Lesson 3: We offer ourselves                             Mar 12 (online)

                                            At home Lesson 3:     We Prayer in Thanksgiving

    March 26/27:                 In church Lesson 5: We receive Holy Communion           April 2 (online)


    April 9/10:                      In church Lesson 6: We are sent out                                  April 24 (online)



    First Communion celebration (to be decided)

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