Line in OT: God is jealous God. What think?

  • Bothered, jealousy is sin, destructive, insecurity. How attribute to God?
  • Scholars, try to helpful, sanitize Word of God – expression of primitive faith, didn’t really know God yet, thought like other pagan gods, grow out of
  • Some truth. Deeper. Set aside negative, sinful elements of jealous
    • Some truth God trying to express, “primitive” way?
    • Put it this way – What mean to you, says: God is jealous for you.
    • What kind of love? Real. Passionate. Wants to be loved in return.
    • God is jealous – God wants you, cares whether you love in return.

Parables, treasure, pearl – paint picture, God jealous for you. Dive in.

  • Two ways reading: God is treasure, we seek; We are treasure, God seeks.

God is treasure – faith – knowing Js. What say about us? God?

  1. We are seeking. Hearts/world history. True?
    1. Article NYT: less church, more ghosts, ufos.
      1. Something is us wants to believe – truth, meaning, hope, heaven
      2. Try to find lots of places – church, ufos, love, success…
    2. Eventually find. Answer, fulfillment – God
    3. Find answer/treasure. Make it our own, cost. Everything.
      1. Both: Sells all he has…
      2. Why? Everything? So high?
        1. Believe discovered God, come to know, asks to follow
        2. Can’t follow halfway – no sense say: God, made me, love me, know everything, BUT don’t trust this part what you said (I know better), don’t give this part my life to you.
      3. Know easy to hold back. All do in part, giving everything lifelong
      4. Try live faith consistently, touches everything – change everything

One reading: God is treasure, worth giving everything. Ask, what hold back? Why

  • BUT can’t be only message.
    • If all, not God want to follow. Hides, if find him, write bigger cheque ever honour.
  • Second way to read: we are treasure. God seeks.
    • That is reality of faith – God not hiding, waiting to discover, Comes after us
      • Think lost sheep, Good Samaritan, live of Js
      • Great message Xnity – God seeks us out. His initiative
    • Means to have a jealous God
  • Second way of reading shows: Reason God ask everything of us, given everything for us.


Second read of parable. We are treasure, God seeker. Retell…

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