Think – seen someone do something really hard, courageous, inspiring

  • Mother Teresa; afraid in front of people read at Mass
  • Step out in faith – Peter out of boat


Peter = all of us: Three ways to live lives: In, out, on edge.


First: In boat – easy way to live, rest of disciples chose

  • What is boat? Safety, security – most ppl are
  • See Js – safe distance away, doesn’t ask much


Second: On edge

  • Gospel doesn’t say how Peter out of boat – impulsive, jumped
    • Maybe more cautious – me if brave enough to try
    • One foot out, test water – one firmly in boat
  • Don’t know what Peter did – Suspect how most live most of time
    • Want to follow Js, trust him – sometimes inspired step out, big
    • Doubts, fears – really Js wants? Wrong? Trust? Good enough?
    • Hesitate – one foot out, one solid life I know
  • Student – high school, college – Known as Xv, come to church (other don’t)
    • Foot in water – But night before, drink, hide faith – foot in boat
  • Business – run well, honest, employees and customers well
    • But chance make lot of money if unethical/ hurt ppl
    • Or positive: chance use expertise mission to poor country
    • Face question – Get out of boat, follow Js – hold back, sit on edge
  • Hurt – Forgive? – Hold to hurt?
    • Know forgiving hard, take time – try to forgive, start – hold on?
    • Step of faith to Js – hold to old life know?
  • Say most of us spend most of time – also hard place to be
    • Faith not meant to live half way – If Js God, asks us to follow – why hold back?


Last: Out of boat – live faith boldly – life whole-heartedly – nothing matter more

  • What if fail? Step out, doesn’t work? Ok. Look at Peter. Walked for while, sunk
    • Sunk, what happened? Js ignore? Disappointment?
    • Reach out hand, caught him.

For you, your life, now. Mean? How God asking you out of boat, follow?

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