This week, friend’s funeral. Young, kids school, few years battled cancer – Her life, how true Gospel is.

  • Faced death so much peace, faith – ppl impacted
  • Husband – not Catholic, grew faith, closer to church
  • Kids – Inconsolable, angry at funeral grace, peace
  • Anyone spent time… her faithful life bore lot of fruit

True – Always good to ask, how should we live diff if words true?

  • Sow widely, w/ hope
  • “Sowing seed” – sharing faith, evangelizing. Word scares, not knocking doors…
    • Sharing faith we have – go to church, Facebook, deep conversation, witness (live differently bc/ of faith)
  • Talk about sowing seed – sharing faith, many ways we can

Sow widely – sower doesn’t discriminate where he sows

  • Always thought strange – waste seed on rock, path – don’t plow, weed
  • Don’t know about ancient farming – sharing faith, right approach

How live diff if sow widely? Relationships don’t share faith?

  • Not say talk Js all time – opp comes, don’t take it?
    • Living witness – change, compromise way live avoid sharing?
  • Why? Fear of offending – maybe no point – ppl not interested, dry ground
  • If happens – when – living like parable not true?
    • Sowing selectively – deciding who does/not get seed?
  • Challenging self on this – friendships, family, quit. Take to heart.
  • Sow widely

Reason: Hope – mean confident expectation, cautiously optimistic, expect good though don’t see now

  • Reason Js uses image of farming talk about growing faith
  • Farmers seed, expect good (not guaranteed, frost, fain, hail)
    • Don’t see good, expect it come

When we sow seed – expect something to happen – change, heart touched, conversion

  • Baptized, confirmed – God commissioned you do this
    • If God gave you job, also gave ability to do it – his help
    • Trust that, trust self, trust Lord
    • Gospel shows – not always, not quickly – does happen

Lived though Gospel true – Share faith widely, expect lives change

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