The Heart

The primary aim of each ministry and every volunteer is that everyone who comes to the parish for a weekend Mass knows that they are loved and called to worship.

Loved means that they are welcome, wanted, and known. Our church is a better place because they are here, and we want them to know that this is how we see them.

Called to worship means that they are welcomed into something sacred. The way we pray, talk, and carry ourselves, including by genuflecting and participating throughout Mass, should encourage people to enter into prayer with us.

There are moments when our focus is more on welcome and love, such as before and after Mass. And there are moments when our focus in more on worship, such as during Mass, and when we are in the church and chapel before Mass.

This means that all of our ministry should flow out of a life of prayer and relationship with Christ. We want to love others as Christ loved us and worship the Father as Christ worshipped the Father.

Liturgy Coordinators

This role is mainly a “behind the scenes” position. Your job is to arrive early, unlock doors, turn on lights, and get the church ready for the parishioners. You will set up the credence table for Father and make sure the book with the readings is in place for the lectors. Another role as coordinator is to be sure all volunteers that have signed up for the ministries at your Mass time have arrived and are ready. A final role is to welcome and assist any early arriving parishioners or guests to St. Anne’s. If you feel called to be part of this ministry, it is time to say yes!

Ministry Leader: Jill Koch


The welcomers provide the first contact and provide a vital function of expressing the welcome of Christ to those entering the building. They set the tone of making guests and parishioners feel welcome and encouraging guests to return. A welcomer understands that wecoming isn’t a job for them but rather a ministry that brings people closer to God. Come and join us!

Ministry Leader: Pat Richter


If you are a caring person who likes to help people as they come into our Church then you should consider being an usher. We are here to help them find a seat, help them with their needs and be just friendly and welcome them to our services. They are part of our family and so we treat them as such.

Ministry Leader: Al Zakreski


Are you called to be a Lector? We are looking for you. Extra lectors are always welcome, and there is a particular need right now at the Sudnay evening Mass. Let us proclaim the Word of God!

Ministry Leader: Nick Fanner

Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is a person who helps distribute Communion during mass. It is a very special ministry and as such it requires the person to have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist. Communion is an integral part of our faith and therefore we want and need you to help our community grow in faith and love through this Sacred Ministry. Please consider it.

Ministry Leader: Jack Dowling


Altar Servers

To be called to serve on the altar as either a youth or an adult is a great privilege. Your duties would be to assist Father Matthew in celebrating the Mass offering witness as a representative of the congregation. Training will be provided and the more you serve the more comfortable you will become with the Mass. Join this great group of individuals as we prepare to serve in the upcoming year!

Ministry Leader: Wayne Kzyzyk


St. Anne’s has choirs and smaller ensembles who lead music at our weekend liturgies and funerals. We are always needing cantors, choir members, instrumentalists, pianists, and organists. Come and join us!

Ministry Leader: Ken Neitz


This ministry takes care of the setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the Church’s audio and visual technology used during our Masses and other liturgical celebrations. This ministry reaches out and communicates God’s love especially to the sick and homebound who are not able to join us at Mass in person. If you love serving others and are also passionate about technology, this ministry is for you!

Ministry Leader: Jordan Richter

Please contact Frances Veslinos (Sunday Experience and Volunteers Coordinator) at 931-4700 ext. 230 to register.