“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Kids Ministry

Kids for Christ

It’s All About…

  • FUN


Youth Ministry

We have many exciting faith based events planned for our youth and young adults throughout the year. Learning, sharing, and growing in faith, in a fun and enriching environment is our goal. We post information regularly in the church bulletin and our youth bulletin board in the church entrance.


Music Ministry

Music and prayer go hand in hand. Music enhances our prayer experience as we come together to know and worship God. Experiences of beauty are a profound encounter with God which is why we place an important emphasis on music ministry for our liturgical and community life.


Women’s Ministry

Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God.


Men’s Ministry

Knights of Columbus

If you are a practical Catholic man, age 18 or older, we welcome you to join the leading organization of Catholic laymen.
Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life.


Prison Ministry

Restorative Justice ministry is a response to crime and violence that regards relationships, human dignity, and accountably as central to the healing and transformation of persons.