Jump is our monthly grade 4&5 drop-in ministry.  We nurture our faith lives through fun-filled activities, games, prayer and service.  All children are welcome!
Auntie Trina’s concept of Jump is:

J – Jesus first

U – Each of us is called to love, bless and serve others, meaning you.

M – Me:  We are God’s special and wonderful creations, and we cherish our unique gifts, our very lives.

P – Plan: We want to grow in holiness, to know God’s will, and to follow His path.  Our plan helps us do this with the help of the  Holy Spirit.

Join us Mondays, 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the hall on:

Oct. 17     Feb. 13

Nov. 21     Mar. 20

Dec. 12     Apr. 17

Jan. 16     May 15

Please call Trina at (306) 931-4700 or email tward@rcdos.ca for details.