Please contact the following people if you have questions about your specific ministry for Saturday/Sunday Mass

Communion Ministers:
Jack Dowling  (306)933-2679


Cam Fuller/ Donella Hoffman (306)249-0356 or (306)221-3090

Altar Servers:
Wayne Kzyzyk (306)975-0693

Len and Darlene Britton (306)934-3570

Liturgical Coordinators:
Patti Pasloski (306)249-4357

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Our Parish Care Team assists in the following ways: Read more »

Lectors Coordinator: Len & Darlene Britton 934-3570   Email:

Communion Ministers Coordinators: Jack Dowling 933-2679   Email:

Ministers of Hospitality: (Ushers, Welcomers, and Giftbearers) Coordinators:

Altar Server Coordinator: Wayne Kzyzyk 975-0693 Read more »

Funeral Commitee Coordinator: Darlene Britton 934-3570

This committee provides hospitality and refreshments at funeral liturgies.

The sacrament of Baptism marks the first step on a journey of faith that lasts an entire lifetime. The sacrament welcomes a child into a faith and a faith community, and welcomes parents, godparents, family members and friends to share in this beautiful expression of initiation into the Christian faith. As a parent of a child about to be baptized, you are blessed with some awesome responsibilities and some tremendous opportunities. Baptism Preparation classes help you to understand more fully the sacrament of Baptism, and help your family to celebrate it more meaningfully. Read more »

Our Current RCIA candidates.

RCIA 2013

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In-home gathering for Small Christian Faith-Sharing Communities are offered during Advent and Lent.

For more information please call Tillie Aessie 242-3479

Monday Night Prayer Group: 7:00 pm in the chapel. Contact Darlene Britton 934-3570.


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