Marriage Preparation

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Witness to Love at St. Annes

What is Witness to Love?

We are excited to be offering Witness to Love, a Catholic Marriage Prep Renewal Ministry at  St. Anne’s Parish. Through the completion of live online training by the Founders of the program, we are able to provide engaged couples with the materials needed to complete this program prior to their wedding day. Based on Catholic Teaching, this program offers engaged couples the opportunity to partner with a mentor couple and journey together through six foundational teachings about marriage.

How can you begin?

This unique program can begin after you have met with the Parish Priest for the initial interview. Registration for the program at the Parish Office is required. Cost is $150 to cover the cost of materials and workbooks. You can then choose a mentor couple that you admire and see as a role model of the faith. If you have difficulty choosing a mentor couple, we can assist in this process. Once a mentor couple is in place, or if you need assistance finding one, please contact the program Coordinator(s) to arrange a date to meet and review the materials required to complete the program. Contact: Daniel Pettipas at or Chantal Issel at  . Once all the materials have been reviewed and the requirements completed, you hand the completed checklist back to the parish office and receive your certificate.

Why Witness to Love?

Through sharing of the mentor couple’s own marriage journey, you will gain a deeper understanding of the sacrament, develop tools needed for a healthy marriage and build a trusting relationship which may last beyond the wedding day. Your mentor couple can also help you become a deeper part of the parish community which will provide additional support essential to having a successful, lifelong marriage together. 

Mailing Address after the Wedding:

Have a Marriage that the engaged couple admires.

  1. The Engaged Couple finds them approachable.
  2. Married at least five years in the Catholic Church.
  3. Attend Mass Regularly.
  4. Involved in their Parish

Cost: $150.00       

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